Q1 data from Synergy Research Group shows that Amazon is the leading cloud provider in Europe and is also the leading company in all of the major individual country markets, based on cloud infrastructure service revenues.

Microsoft is the second-ranked cloud provider across the board.

Beyond the top two, the rankings vary with Google being the third-ranked cloud provider in Europe and in many major countries. Although in France, it lines up behind both OVH and Orange rather than Amazon and Microsoft.

IBM is the fourth-ranked provider in Europe as a whole and almost inevitably features somewhere in the top six in each individual country.

Salesforce, Rackspace and Oracle are global providers that feature further down the country rankings, with Salesforce placing fifth across all of Europe.

Telcos are often heavily featured in their local markets and Deutsche Telekom, Orange and KPN all rank fourth in their home countries.

Among European telcos, Deutsche Telekom is the largest cloud provider thanks to a strong position in Germany and smaller operations in multiple other countries, which help it to place sixth overall across all of Europe.


“Similar to the US and most of the APAC region, Amazon and Microsoft are the clear market leaders in Europe, both for the region as a whole and in each of the major European country markets,” said John Dinsdale, a Chief Analyst and Research Director at Synergy Research Group. “Behind the top two the battle is being played out between Google, IBM, other smaller global cloud providers and some major local telcos and IT service providers. There is no shortage of companies fighting for a share of the market, but across the region as a whole the top six cloud providers control three quarters of the market and their share has been increasing. Given the importance of scale, global presence and deep pockets, it will be difficult for any of the smaller cloud providers to change that picture.”