RealD ME has announced the launch of RealD ME Reflective Privacy, which will hit the market in notebooks with HP Sure View Reflect. With no impact on color, contrast, or overall performance for the primary viewer, RealD ME Reflective Privacy’s integrated and switchable technology protects screen data from snoops and bystanders. RealD ME Reflective Privacy gives enterprises and users control over that hard-to-protect final stage of data delivery between the screen and your eye by precisely managing luminance value, reflectivity, and dynamic response to ambient light.

“The level of privacy sophistication that RealD ME has brought to our notebook displays is unrivaled in the market today,” said John Groden, VP and Head of System & Cost Management at HP. “Businesses that run on HP need this privacy, while HP users want to have the same stunning views for which we are known on their display. Privacy-conscious HP Sure View Reflect users now have excellent display performance and the complete visual control they seek. HP Sure View Reflect is the most private and the least obtrusive privacy display. Our customers will vastly improve their daily privacy practice with these upgrades, and value the flexibility to adjust based on both the environment and the nature of the content.”

Said RealD ME CEO Marc Crossman, “We are thrilled to have entered into a strategic partnership with HP who understands the need for innovative display privacy solutions and who is committed to bringing advanced privacy technology to HP users around the globe. The line between personal and professional technology has blurred and people are more frequently utilizing the same device for work and personal use. Display technology’s evolution is delivering incredible viewing opportunities, but devices used to communicate sensitive information also need to guarantee privacy. We have built the technology that protects data from bad actors or casual bystanders with no cost to the user’s viewing experience.”

When in privacy mode, RealD ME Reflective Privacy blocks 99.7% of light rays and significantly raises ambient light reflectivity at viewing angles of 45 degrees or greater. RealD ME Reflective Privacy uses ambient light in conjunction with luminance and reflectivity to adjust display brightness based on the user’s environment. RealD ME Reflective Privacy settings are enabled through the device’s operating system, allowing device owners and users to enter privacy mode through a hotkey.

“Over years of extensive R&D and with over 200 patents, RealD ME has developed the best in class technology to provide the highest degree of visual privacy on any device’s display. RealD ME Reflective Privacy renders a device’s display unrecognizable for viewers looking at screens from 45 degrees or greater, with no impact on appearance to head-on users or overall device performance,” said Robert Ramsey, SVP of Operations at RealD ME. “The overall privacy effect of RealD ME’s Reflective Privacy technology is 3-4X greater than standard or additive privacy systems.”