Close to half (42.6%) of enterprises in Singapore admit that they lack sufficient intelligence on the threats specifically faced by their businesses Kaspersky’s “B2B IT Security 2018 found.

The study, conducted in 31 countries, with 155 respondents from Singapore, found out that more than a third of businesses experienced 2-3 data breaches in the last 12 months (39.1%), and also found one incident to be considered complex (39.2%).

Singapore enterprises are aware cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, but lack of tools and insights to understand these threats prevent these enterprises from effectively addressing them.

The type of security incidents Singapore enterprises experienced in the last few months include inappropriate IT resources used by employees (49%), malware infection of BYOD devices and inappropriate sharing of data via mobile devices (40.6%), and DDoS attacks (39.4%).

Kaspersky’s survey also showed that organisations are looking to increase investment in IT security measures. More than half want to invest in improving IT security (56.8%) regardless of the return-on-investment (ROI), improve their incident response plans for data breach or IT security events (55.5%), and expect their IT security budget to increase over the next three years (50%).