Snowflake Inc., the data warehouse built for the cloud, has announced the availability of Snowflake on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Singapore. This is a key development for Snowflake’s multinational customers with operations and customers based in Singapore. Customer demand for AWS, and the need for businesses to have flexibility in choosing cloud options, prompted Snowflake to offer its data warehouse-as-a-service on AWS in Singapore.

In fact, a key finding in SGTech’s most recent Annual Business Survey of technology revealed cloud adoption was one of the top investment priorities across 90% of businesses which have invested in some form of technology. 

“The cloud adoption rate in Southeast Asia is consistently growing as more companies realize the cost and operational benefits of moving to the cloud,” Snowflake Vice President for Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ), Peter O’Connor said. “In addition, existing AWS and multi-vendor cloud users are advancing their businesses by locating their data solutions close to their customers. They get low-latency data access and satisfy their country-specific data needs. We’ve always been a data-driven customer-centric company, and by offering Snowflake on AWS in Singapore we’re delivering the solutions they’ve requested and deserve.” 

With this deployment of Snowflake on AWS in Singapore, local customers can now reap all the benefits Snowflake has to offer locally, such as:

  • Rapid data analytics
  • Access to data-driven insights for all of their business users
  • Zero management data warehouse – Snowflake eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional data warehouses and big data platforms.

“As companies become more data-driven, the cloud offers them instant and infinite elasticity, and the flexibility of an OpEX model rather than a CapEX model,” O’Connor said. “We’re excited to deploy Snowflake on AWS in Singapore so our customers will benefit from Snowflake’s concurrency and flexibility along with AWS’s intelligent and trusted cloud capabilities.”
Other Snowflake deployments for AWS include US West, US East, EU (Dublin), EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Sydney). Snowflake is also deployed on Azure East US 2 and Azure West Europe.