AWWA offers services to over 10,000 people with special educational and social needs, ranging from intervention programmes for pre-schoolers, to health and social assistance for vulnerable seniors. The organisation is thus tasked with securing highly sensitive client data and critical business operations.

AWWA joins a growing number of not-for-profit organisations strengthening their defences with Darktrace’s cyber AI, including International Baccalaureate, YMCA LA, and the Church of England.

Jonathan Koh, IT Manager, commented: “Data loss, whether caused accidentally by an employee, or maliciously by criminals, is a huge concern. Like most non-profit organizations, we have a lean IT team and keeping abreast of every evolving security risk is nearly impossible. Darktrace’s self-learning AI never sleeps. The technology constantly spots and stops developing threats across our digital infrastructure, without disrupting the crucial services we provide.”